Accessories Can Redefine Your Home

Creating an elegant yet cosy atmosphere while designing your home goes beyond just choosing the right colours for your walls and placing the furniture ergonomically.
Let’s start with the idea ‘less is more’. Too much variation of furniture is one of the biggest no-no while trying to achieve a sophisticated look.
Here are some tips to create minimalist decorating style where living becomes neat, organized and clutter-free:

Introduce some rugs

Adding a rug is an excellent idea to highlight a specific sitting area and it also adds a sense of depth and warmth. Be sure to get the right size of rug and leave off the edges to create an appearance of a larger sized room.

If you choose to place it below the coffee table, put the front legs of your couch or armchair so the edges blend under the furniture and also creates a frame for a cleaner and more aesthetic appearance.

Creating a focal point 

By creating a focal point, you are drawing attention to a specific object, which could be a show-piece placed on the centre table, a big statement chandelier, a fireplace, or even a dramatic red brick wall.

This object being the focal point will be the first thing that your eyes would land on when you enter the room. Typically, a focal point faces the main entrance for your living room.

Add character

If the room looks dull and bland, you can make add some personality to perk up the space.

If you want to do something without making a hole in your pocket, you can choose to create a collage by placing a mix of framed pictures, abstract designs, quotes, hand-made artworks. You can also create a retro look by placing different shaped mirrors.

Changing the colour of the lights to more warm hues rather than whites can also significantly enhance the entire look and feel

Change door knobs and drawer knobs

Create a vintage look with knobs like these, if you like crystals, you can even get agate stone slice door (banded form of finely-grained microcrystalline quartz) knobs online, they come in distinctive styles and gorgeous colour patterns.

Wooden engraved knobs, handmade resin knobs and metal antique pieces are also trending these days. So, once you’ve finalized on the style you want to create, you can choose the knobs accordingly to compliment the overall theme.

Use accent pieces

Pick accent pieces that speak to your character.

A unique centre table can help in creating a beautiful sitting area within a room by placing the couch and armchairs/ short cushioned-sitting stools around the table.

You can add more character by using books/ flowers in a case/ a statement showpiece, or even plants.


Liven up a boring space by adding wallpapers that suit your décor style. There is a huge range of designs and patterns available online as well as at stores that you can choose from and now you can also find DIY wallpaper application kits online that can be used to transform a dull wall with a zing of colour or design patterns as per your preference.

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