Affordable Ideas to Redecorate Your Home

Affordable Ideas to Redecorate Your Home

Redecorating your home can be a tedious task and can come as a big expense. Though if you tackle it with the right attitude and a defined approach, you can effortlessly redecorate your home without taking a hit on your bank account. Here are some economic ideas to get you in the groove-

Add Flowers & Plants
Plants not only add to the aesthetic appeal of your home but also come with numerous benefits, some help in purifying the air and have medical properties while some are believed to bring happiness and prosperity.
So let the elegant dark green leaves soothe your soul and the fragrant flower plants calm you down at the end of a stressful day while they also create a gorgeous environment.


Paint One Wall
Adding colours to your living area can significantly ramp-up the space making the room look vibrant and more welcoming.
So if you’re feeling spontaneous, create a fantastic focal wall. Decide a colour, head to the local shop, get the tools you need and you are good to get started.


  • Paint the trims first, let it dry completely, tape them (only use “easy release” painter’s tape) then move on to the wall to achieve a clean look
  • Cover areas where paint is likely to fall with the help of newspaper and scotch tape
  • Use a paint roller primarily to paint and use a brush to reach those tight corners. To add texture, you can wrap a rope or a bubble wrap around the roller
  • Practice the technique on scraps of drywall or sheets of cardboard before moving to the wall


Create a Memory Wall
Pictures are true forms of memories that leave us nostalgic. Create a memory wall by arranging different sized frames systematically.
It’s best to create an outline first with the help of a measuring tape and decide which frame would go where before you start putting the frames together.


 Use Kitchen Splashbacks
Splashbacks add that chic look to your kitchen with their vibrant colours and amazing range of textures.
Marble textured and toughened glass splashbacks are few of the top picks. Choose ones that are easily removable, they are not only great for cleaning but you can keep switching between them to create a new look each time.


Add More Cushions in Your Living Area
Be it sofas or a window seating area, make it cosier by arranging a mix of different sizes of cushions with covers of unique print patterns, contrasting colours, even the ones with quotes go together really well and brightens up the spot creating a pleasant look.


Place a Stylish Mirror
Incorporate a stylish mirror with lights that compliments and highlight the aesthetics of the mirror. This can instantly uplift up a dull spot.
There are a huge range of frame designs to choose from. Decide on the shape of the mirror, frame pattern and colour, and instantly add glamour to your home.


Paintings & Artifacts
Be it unframed canvas paintings, framed paintings, or abstract art, they instantly draw the viewer’s attention and also become a good talking piece for your next get together.
Artifacts have their own form and function, be it natural or man-made. You could consider using stone and wood sculptures, timepieces, old antique tools, weaponry by displaying them near sit-outs and living rooms.


Show flats of our projects – Florida Riverwalk & Florida Watercolor located in Keshav Nagar have been designed by EDIDA’s Designer of the Year 2019 – Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar and they portray fresh and contemporary designs in their truest form.

Visit the project pages to see sample flat pictures.

We hope these ideas inspired you to redecorate. If yes, tell us how you used these tips by posting a picture on Instagram with hashtag #RedecorateWithOxford1Earthand by tagging us @oxford1earth We’ll feature the top stories on our Instagram page.

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