Home Care Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is here and the rain has been pouring for quite some time now.

During this season, we ensure to carry an umbrella with us to avoid getting drenched in the rain and to keep sickness at bay, the same way a home maintenance schedule is essential for every home’s upkeep.

Here are some tips on home care for this season:

  1. Paint or treat walls and external surfaces with waterproofing coat
    Painting or treating walls and external surfaces with waterproofing coat is one of the most important aspect and required to ensure that there is no seepage. Seepage not only spoils the look of your walls but the water can also cause cracks, wood rot, mold growth and even a fire hazard (if it comes in contact with electricals).
    Not to forget the harmful effects that spores released from the mold and mildew have on one’s health.
  2. Installations that are a must
  • Install shades and awnings over windows and balconies to prevent water from coming in and if there is a basement in the house, install ventilators to remove dampness and moisture
  • To keep the ventilation flowing, install mosquito nets so that windows and doors can be left open while also keeping the insects from entering
  • Fill in any of those gaps and cracks in the doors and windows, especially the ones to the balcony and terrace. If rains bring water from doors and window, it means there are gaps between window frames that can be filled with caulking or putty.
  1. Prevent damage caused due to rain/ moisture with these tips –
  • Paint metal grills and windows to avoid rusting
  • Move the wooden and metal furniture indoors to prevent them from getting spoilt
  • Wooden doors and shutters can swell due to moisture, so to get them varnished, sandpapered or painted before the arrival of monsoons
  • Don’t take up any wood-work or renovation tasks as more things are prone to go wrong during this season with all the dampness and moisture around
  • Roll away the carpets to prevent moisture and filth from settling on it, you can use plastic or bamboo flooring instead
  • Check all external electrical wires and cover all exposed wires to avoid shocks and accidents from taking place
  • Keep naphthalene balls in wooden wardrobes and drawers as it helps in absorbing extra moisture
  • Clear up clogged pipes to protect against flooding
  • Scrape and clear all the dried-up growth of algae and moss from pathways as they can get slippery. Washing the pathway with concentrated chlorine solution followed by clean water, will allow it to dry properly and also reduce new growth in monsoons
  1. Get rid of the weird smell
    Most of us have experienced that monsoon also brings a weird smell that lingers all through the house. You can get rid of the smell by cleaning on a regular basis and using an incense stick or an incense burner with therapeutic oils, or even an automatic room freshener.

Monsoons might bring a lot of challenges for home owners but with these measures, you can focus on the better side and enjoy this season!

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