Most Valuable Features of a New Home

Looking to buy a new home? Here are some aspects to help you in reducing the decision making time, based on the most valuable features that home-buyers and families look for today. In addition to external factors like accessibility, security, the neighbourhood and its culture.

As people consider the home and its features as an investment, they start building a connection with the house and the specifications become more integral to enhance quality of life at home.

Here are the 6 most desirable and valued home features:

Flexible space

Having some extra space is always great and gives you the flexibility to choose and create your own work-from-home office / an entertainment or utility room or even a guest bedroom, based on your need.

Updated kitchen

Kitchen is on top of the list and also at the core for home buyers. Fully done kitchens with high-end cabinets, countertops, trolly, kitchen islands, hob and chimney are the most desired features. They even make it easier to get an idea of the overall space distribution contrary to when you get a bare apartment. And let’s not forget, it gives you 1 less thing to worry about.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden floors not only give a classy look to your home but also are great for winters and are super easy to clean compared to carpets.

Laminated wooden floorings on the other hand, are also an amazing way to add some zing to your home with the wide variety of designs available in the market giving you the option to easily get them upgraded whenever you want.

Smart home technology

With the advancement of technology, apart from controlling lights and fans, there is a lot more that smart homes have to offer including video door phones and cameras for security and digital door locks for keyless access, to name a few.

Logical design and layout

The layout and design of the apartment is also one of the most significant factors in the decision making process. Therefore, apartments that are built with efficient and optimal use of space are on most home-buyers’ radar.

Designer Washrooms

A spacious washroom combined with luxury fittings brings out the beautiful and structured design of the space, additionally, glass partitions help in ease of usability.

Wardrobes and shelves in the bathrooms are quite important too as it helps in keeping the space organized while it stores all your bath essentials and cleaning supplies.

Our residential project – Florida Watercolor located in Keshav Nagar, Mundhwa offers state-of-the-art features like:

  • Modular kitchen with island dining, hob and chimney
  • Flooring with a combination of high-end vitrified tiles and wooden laminate
  • Designer washroom with luxury fittings
  • Glass partition and wardrobe in master bathroom
  • Keyless automated doors
  • Video door phone and camera
  • Air conditioned homes

And lots more, giving you the flexibility to choose your home as you desire.

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